Become a Volunteer Ambulance Driver/EMT


Emergency medical care in Anderson Valley is provided by volunteers who train to provide Emergency Medical Training and those who drive the ambulance and help load the patients. Emergencies occur almost daily on our highways as well as in our homes, schools and job sites. This means the safety and security of our community is almost entirely dependent on the generous contribution of the time and energy of our volunteer EMT’s and ambulance drivers. To provide round the clock coverage, a large team of volunteers are needed along with the firefighters who help with scene safety and preparation of patients for transport.  In fact, more than 75% of the Valley’s emergency calls are for non-fire emergencies.

There is nothing more satisfying in life than helping other people in emergency situations. The satisfaction you will enjoy by helping to save lives and protect property in your community is immeasurable. In addition, you will develop camaraderie, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, and find opportunities for life-long learning that enrich the lives of our volunteers.

Our active members receive REACH, CALSTAR, and AV ambulance memberships along with discounts on household propane costs. In addition to these simple benefits, a lasting camaraderie is developed with your fellow volunteers as your participation in dinners, trainings, response activity, and experience grows.

Depending on the role for which the recruit is volunteering, the Department orientation is more or less rigorous.  During the recruit phase, new members receive sufficient training to insure they will be able to function in hazardous situations as part of our team in a safe and responsible manner. All required training and gear costs will be covered by the department. We believe you should not have to pay to be community volunteer!

As you might imagine from the list of emergencies ambulance teams respond to, training is a significant part of the Medical Service. The Anderson Valley Ambulance Service, which falls under the umbrella of the Anderson Valley Fire Department, understands that volunteers also have their own work and personal commitments and, therefore, the department attempts to balance the safety and efficacy of its personnel on the one hand with the personal needs of its volunteers on the other.

In addition to the initial training appropriate for the specific role you volunteer for, the department holds regularly scheduled and periodic mandatory meetings and drills, including monthly department training, monthly station drills, and periodic special training events.

Just download and fill out the following pdf file and return it to the Anderson Valley Fire Department:

[volunteer application]


Initial training 75% Class Attendance
Station drills (1/month) 75% Attendance
Department training (1/month) 75% Attendance
Additional special training (2-4/year) Optional
Out of district training (as needed) Optional
Response activity 25% of calls


Anderson Valley Volunteer Fire Department

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