Annexation Info:

 Annexation Map:
AVFD annexation area

Annexation Area – gold area

Present District Boundary – red line

                            Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Explain the Acronyms
A: (AVFD) Anderson Valley Fire Department, (AVCSD) Anderson Valley Community Services District, (AVAS) Anderson Valley Ambulance Service, (LAFCo) Local Area Formation Commission.

Q: Who is LAFCo and what is their roll in this process?
A: LAFCo regulates the formation and development of local governmental subdivisions and other agencies within California. Our merger process requires LAFCo’s approval because we are adding services to a special district. They also are requiring that AVCSD adjust the district’s boundaries to represent actual area served.

Q: How are the AVCSD and the AVFD related?
A: The AVCSD is a “Special District” (a Community Services District) that provides services to the Anderson Valley area through several branch entities; Fire Department, Recreation Department, Teen Center, Airport, and street lighting.

Q: Would the Ambulance be its own entity under the AVCSD umbrella?
A: No. It would be an addition function of the fire department.

Q: Why is annexation required in a merger?
A: LAFCo has required that we correct the official boundary of the AVCSD to reflect the area that the fire department actually serves. Tax monies are generated from parcels within the official boundary of AVCSD and any services provided outside these legal lines are considered an “illegal gift of public funds”. This is the annexation portion of the AVCSD reorganization process.

Q: If I am outside of the legal district, what will I gain by annexation?
A: All AVCSD services including AV Fire Department emergency response. We are mandated to bill out of district responses to avoid providing an illegal gift of public funds. There is no current requirement for AVFD to respond out of the legal district.

Q: Will my property taxes increase?
A: No

Q: Will there be any special fees or additional assessment applied if annexed?
A: Yes. AVCSD has a benefit assessment for all residential and commercial structures in the district dedicated for the fire department purposes only. An example of this is a single residence is charged $72/year. Please visit for more Benefit Assessment details.

Q: How does the benefits assessment affect multiple structures on one parcel?
A: The first residence on a parcel is rated at $72. Each additional habitable structure is assessed at a $36 dollar amount. No parcel can exceed $600.

Q: How are commercial structure assessed?
A: Commercial structures are assessed on a square footage basis. Visit for exact details. (Public meetings will have copies of the Benefit Assessment available in hard copy form.)

Q: If I have multiple parcels or a large portion of land, will I pay more on the Benefit Assessment?
A: No, properties identified by the County’s parcel Use Code as “undeveloped agricultural” or “timberland” are exempt. “Developed agricultural” land parcels are assessed at $36 annually.

Q: I contract for fire and emergency services with the AVCSD on a yearly basis, will this still be necessary?
A: No. The annexation of your property will remove the need for contracting for emergency services.

                                           Merger info:

The Anderson Valley Ambulance (AVAS) and the Anderson Valley Community Services District (AVCSD) are exploring having the Ambulance Service merge into the AVCSD:

Question: How will a merger of AVAS and AVCSD effect how I use the Ambulance?

There will be no outward change to anyone calling 911 for an Ambulance. The crew will remain the same, possibly expanding with the addition of EMT trained firefighters. The billing and the benefits of being a member of the Anderson Valley Ambulance Service all will remain the same.

How will a merger benefit the Ambulance and the Valley?

Anderson Valley Ambulance Service is a private independent non-profit organization founded and managed by local residents. It has no debts and comfortable reserves. There will be a savings of economy of scale regarding administrative costs, insurance costs, and other expenses now borne by both the Fire Department and the ambulance service.

Under the auspices of AVCSD the ambulance service would be eligible to receive higher reimbursement rates from tax-funded healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. (IGT) This would have the effect of bringing more healthcare dollars into the AVCSD’s ambulance service’s coffers from outside, which helps to keep the Ambulance financially sustainable and locally managed for the long term.

link to Fire/Ambulance memo on merger summary