The Anderson Valley Fire Department is a longstanding local community organization committed to preserving life and property by delivering proficient rescue, fire suppression, prevention and emergency medical services. Together, driven by duty and passion, we commit our skills, knowledge and time to serve our residents and visitors during their time of need.


  • Teamwork – Maintain an enthusiastic, cooperative and progressive team.
  • Safety – Promote public safety by instilling it in ourselves through education, training, prevention and professional response.
  • Respect – Continue developing trust within the community.
  • Stability –Continue strengthening our organization to ensure locally provided services to our community for years to come.
  • Dedication – Provide the community with highest level emergency response service possible.
  • Outreach – Continue improving youth development programs and actively support community education opportunities.
  • Adaptability – Remain a resilient and progressive organization that embraces change and challenge.
  • Support – Enhance the individual growth of our members and advance their leadership and skills through progressive training and growth opportunities.
  • Stewardship – Continue providing emergency services with the pride and professionalism of those who came before us and those who will follow.