The Anderson Valley Fire Department is dedicated and committed to providing the highest level of emergency services possible within our district. We will additionally respond, whenever possible, to requests for assistance from our neighbors in Mendocino County or elsewhere in the State. Our mission is to prevent or reduce damage to property from fire, storms or other hazardous conditions, to provide comfort and aid to those who are injured, ill, or at risk, and to prevent or limit damage to the environment resulting from hazardous materials spills and other events. We will perform these duties to the best of our ability when it is within our means and scope to do so. We will join with other members of the emergency services team in a partnership to ensure the most effective and efficient delivery of services to those in need. Our volunteers will set aside their personal needs and responsibilities to perform difficult and sometimes dangerous tasks, often for people they have never met and will never see again. They do this at a moments notice regardless of the weather, at any time of the day or night, and they do it without thought of compensation. The Anderson Valley Fire Department Volunteers don’t ask “Why me?”or“What’s in it for me?”They simply step forward when called.